Sunday, September 24, 2006

New News

As you can see, the layout of my blog has changed slightly (although not too much). This is due to the fact that I have changed my blog from the regular Blogger to the new Beta Blogger. This application has a lot of new features, but I switched because of only two. The first enables you to put "labels" on your posts, or file them under topics. For example, this post is labeled under News. And on the right side, down the page, you can see each at a glance each label. Obviously, Yao Ming and Chen Jianghua are my most popular topics. The other new geature is the ability to edit your template much more easily. Instead of editing raw HTML code, you can now simply click and drag to move around your "page elements".


As I was browsing my "cousin" site, Globetrotter, I came across a link to my "sister" site. You've got to respect the guy who does TaiwanHoops. Even if I knew enough about Taiwan basketball to do a blog about it (I don't), I probably wouldn't make one. The reason I made this blog was because China is on track to take over basketball, and people want to know about it. Taiwan isn't threatening to take over the basketball world anytime soon (unless it's absorbed by mainland China, which is very possible). So he's never going to get a lot of views, and will probably always work in obscurity. And, since it's related to my site, I can't help but to link it.
I am now honored to say that if you google Chen Jianghua, I now appear on the second page. Apparently, all my hyping him up has paid off. Now if only it was the same on Yahoo...
Speaking of googling, if I google my name, I get 56 hits, which is pretty cool, since before I started this blog I probably wouldn't have gotten any. However, the excitement wears off once I compare myself to J.E. Skeets or Henry Abbott.

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