Tuesday, September 26, 2006

DraftExpress recapping the U-18 Asian Championships

Draftexpress with a little scouting report of the recent junior Asian Championships. I suppose I should be put to shame, since they have such a detailed report of players other than Chen Jianghua, and I didn't. But I would really like to know how and where he watched those games, since I couldn't find them anywhere. Well, I suppose there are advantages to being a big site like that, with lots of contacts, while we amateurs work solo (and, in my case, toil in obscurity).

However, did you find anything familar in the report? How about this?

Chen operated at will on the court, as virtually no defender could keep up with his incredible quickness, excellent ball-handling skills and footwork.

Yep, that's right, I posted that almost two weeks ago (that was the post that shot me to fame by being mentioned by J.E. Skeets). Maybe I should be ashamed, but it's nice to know that I beat DraftExpress to the punch.

One thing I haven't mentioned, but have noticed is this:
He looked in love with his one-handed layups (he removes his left hand sooner than usual).

That's a bad habit that's hard to break. If he goes to the NBA, and still has that tendency, can't you just see Ben Wallace and Dwight Howard salivating over that? His shot will be swatted into the crowd the first time he tries it.

Of course, this article wasn't only about Chen, as they also mentioned Zhou Peng, Han Shuo, and Liu Xiaoxu. Since I really can't add anything to what they say, just take a look at the article.

This reminds me of one of my goals for this season- watch everyone of those guys, plus guys like Xie Libin, Huo Nan, and a few others guys. Sound familiar? Probably not, because I've never mentioned that, because I've never seen them play. Seeing them play internationally in the Junior World Championships would be great, but a CBA game would suffice. Seeing a game live and in person would be even better. Unfortunately, that's a very unlikely goal.

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