Saturday, September 23, 2006

Chinese Basketball Wikipedia Project: Closed (For now)

There are a lot of WikiProjects on Wikipedia (Two of them that I'm involved in are WikiProject: China, and WikiProject: National Basketball Assocation). I never created an official page for WikiProject: Chinese Basketball, but nevertheless, it was a serious undertaking, and quite a job for one person. But a completely free weekend is what I've had (and still have, since it's not over yet), and I haven't wasted any time (unless you consider staying on the computer for hours on end "wasting time").

So, I think I can officially end this mini-project, as I've accomplished almost all of my goals, and have completed all the important ones.

I've expanded Sun Yue, done some major editing for Yao Ming (major as in an hour of editing), and also edited Yi Jianlian. Since all the major Chinese players have been edited to my liking, so I think I can call it quits on that project. However, I'll still be maintaining those pages (updating and so forth).

One more article I created was for Hu Weidong, who is probably the most famous pre-Yao Chinese player. However, it is merely a stub, since I don't know that much about him, and I'm hoping someone else will be able to come along and add more to it. I posted on YaoMingMania about it, but no changes have been made yet.

But I didn't limit my activities to just Chinese players. I was the first to add to Tracy McGrady a part about him getting married. I also added infoboxes to Ryan Bowen, Shane Battier, and Luther Head.

I know, I know I'm shamelessly flaunting my hard work. Alas, I have no shame. My user page gives a full account of my editing career, as well as a little bio (complete with a link to here, of course).

But on a competely unrelated note, I also twice added a piece of news for Natascha Kampusch. On one occasion, I added a news article fully 15 minutes after it was posted on the site. I think I'm getting pretty good at this Wikipedia game.

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