Friday, October 20, 2006

China Newswire

This is kind of embarassing to post, but I'll say it anway: In my post about Shang Ping, I said he was "the first Chinese player since Ma Jian to play in NCAA Division I basketball". However, I am sorry to say that I have now found out that that is incorrect. Aaron Xia, who is already a junior, is playing D-1 ball at The Citadel. Many thanks to Xu.Jing for posting this.

Actually, after a little Google research, I found that, interestingly enough, he actually knows Yao Ming, as they both went to the Shanghai Sports Academy together. More info on that here.


Now that I've accomplished all the goals I set for myself concerning Wikipedia, I've now decided to put the wind under my wings and set my sights on Youtube. So, the first thing I did was create a Chinese basketball Youtube group. As you can see, I've already added 60 vidoes. The videos include (but aren't limited to) Yao Ming, Wang ZhiZhi, Yi Jianlian, Chen Jianghua, Sun Yue, and more. In short, if there's a video about any Chinese-related player, then it'll be in there. The videos really do include everything, from the good (Chen Jianghua in the World Championships), to the bad (Sun Ming-Ming video clip), to the ugly (more Sun Ming-Ming).

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