Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Chinese news

Has anyone heard of Shang Ping? Anyone outside his mom and dad? No, probably not, not until this article came out, anyway. Now, he's the first Chinese player since Ma Jian to play in NCAA Division I basketball. He has verbally commited to the Nebraska Cornhuskers (although I doubt he knows what that last word means). I don't think anyone in China has really seen him play, since, as this article says, he was in a prep school before, and before that in a high school in Auckland, New Zealand (of all places). I don't think anyone knew about him until just a few months ago. But I think we'll be hearing a lot about him from now on.

I would love to creat a Wikipedia article for him, but I don't think he's important enough to create an article. We'll see.

Once more, it's just a little independent clause stuck on at the end that proves to be of vital importance. AsiaBasket reports on what the national team might be doing this next offseason. Just normal news, what everyone expects. But then, right at the end, they say that "they might attend [an] NBA summer league next year." They treat it as nothing, but I don't want to, because this is actually major news. Granted, summer leagues are hardly a good comparison to the NBA. But still, it would be very, very good competition for the Chinese team. A summer league is full of college players, good ones, so it's level might be even better than a Division I league. Plus, the Chinese players could play against some of the top rookies. Can you imagine Yi Jianlian getting to play against Greg Oden? Chen Jianghua against OJ Mayo? That would be the greatest thing possible for everyone involved. If this new schedule change for the CBA is final, then those who pull the strings should make sure to do everything in their power to make it happen.

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