Saturday, August 19, 2006

USA vs. Puerto Rico

Well, I managed to find the right channel in time to see about three quarters, on and off, of the USA-Puerto Rico game. To be honest, the so-called Dream Team 2's debut wasn't impressive. A win is a win, as always, but it was nowhere close to being called a domination, and Puerto Rico, with more talent around Arroyo (who didn't even play the 4th), might have even made it close.

Well, I'll post more thoughts later, after the China-Italy game.

Incidentally, Dan Wetzel was right on target when, on the topic of the USA's shooting problems, he said "Point guard Kirk Hinrich, who may have been expendable, now could find himself a lock to make the squad." Kirk Hinrich, according to my informal stats, shot 4-of-7 from behind the line (Edit- the official box score said he shot 3-of-5 from three.

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