Saturday, August 19, 2006

Statement of Purpose

I don't want start off all formal, but this is the statement of why this blog exists

First and foremost, to cover Yao Ming, which is what the title of this blog suggests. This includes him in the NBA as he plays with the Rockets or any other team, then internationally, and finally off-the-court.

Besides that, I'll also put in the occasional post about the NBA. I'm not a completely one-dimensional fan, and the most of the NBA's doings interest me.

And, once in a rare, rare while, I might post something non-NBA, whether it be another sport, my life (I doubt I would do that, though), or world politics (my secret hobby).

So, if you weren't listening that would be:
1. Yao Ming
2. non-Yao related NBA
3. Anything non-NBA

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