Friday, September 01, 2006

The ranged opinions

There are some who, when seeing the morning headlines, will simply go on their life, since, in reality, it doesn't affect them. There are others, who, pretending that it actually affects their life, will start groaning and moaning over their morning coffee. And there are the real geeks, who put their opinions online (like me, except I'm doing it over dinner). Those in the NBA "blogosphere" had various opinions, from disbelief to shock to anger.

The Nugg Doctor "couldn't believe" it. Basketball Jones did pretty well on its live play-by-play.

"Absolute MONSTER 3 from Greece!!!"
"Greece hits another 3!"

The Mighty MJD Blog called it "sophisticated" and "beautiful"...the Greeks' offense, that is. He called the US "ugly". TrueHoop was its usual neutral self. He didn't say anything, actually. RedsArmy said that "this was supposed to be a new kind of Team USA...But a Greek team without a single NBA player on the squad took out the US 101-95." 20-Second Timeout posted that "Greece dissected Team USA's...defense" and Greece "got whatever it wanted".

About the only positive note was from HoopsRambling. "At least no more 3AM wakeups for me." And, in a way, that sums up the attitude of those in America. OK, we lost. But, hey, we still have the NBA to talk about, so who cares. Leave the Argentines and Spanish players to battle it out on the world stage. It really doesn't matter that much.

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