Friday, September 15, 2006

J.E. Skeets For Ever

I now officially love TheBasketballJones and its author J.E Skeets. China Hoops has now been mentioned on a major blog for the first time ever. What can I say? I've had more views in two days then I've in the past month. And maybe most importantly of all, he's upped my "influence" rating on's blog rankings, which has taken me from the 70s, all the way up to 31st (one away from getting onto the first page. Man!). Still, it's nice to know I'm (almost) in the top 30 NBA blogs. And he also added me to his links, so I could but only do the same.

Hopefully, this will be the catapult I've been waiting for to launch my blog into higher circles. And as I predicted, as China becomes better and better, the demand for English blogs about Chinese players will grow. I'm trying to be the first to fill that vacuum. Apparently, I'm already on the way towards success. I just hope that all those people who came to check it out will continue to do so...

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