Thursday, September 14, 2006

Chinese players on Wikipedia

I registered on Wikipedia a few days ago (not having an account didn't prevent me from editing, it just made me active), and I didn't waste time. As I mentioned before, I made an article for Chen Jianghua. However, since then, I have also made an entry for Liu Wei, while also editing Sun Yue's page, Yi Jianlian's article, and Yao Ming.

However, for most of those, I was able only to edit or add a small part of their entries. The most pressing need, as I also mentioned before, is a scouting report, for both Sun and Chen. I also think that the article for Yao Ming and the Houston Rockets need some major restructuring.

I will be doing some more editing in the coming months, but, of course, I would love for any help to come my way. Stay tuned, as I will keep you informed.

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