Sunday, August 27, 2006

China eliminated because of...

24 turnovers for China, 3 for Greece. Need I say more. If you want more, China lost by 31 to Greece (the same margin they lost to the USA). China couldn't get the ball over the backcourt, literally. Yao couldn't get the ball, all he could do was watch his guards turn it over again and again. Sometimes I think Yao wishes he could be a guard. Yao took only 5 shots, and finished with 10 points and 8 rebounds.

Ah, it started so well. China scored the first 8 points, and none of them were scored by Yao. They were still up by 7 at the end of the first. But by the second, Greece was ahead by the third, and the third was a debacle. China scored 6 points total. I couldn't bear to watch...but I did. I will never, ever complain about Rockets players not being able to get the ball to Yao (OK, maybe not).

The only bright spot was that Chen Jianghua scored 8 points and was perfect from the field. He finally showed some range and made three long, contested jumpers. Too bad even he couldn't break the press. He could, but his IQ still isn't up to his skill (which will be crucial to his further development).

Well, what else can I say. If nothing else, this will show Chinese officials what really is wrong with them. Liu Wei is good enough as a basic point guard, but not good enough to break the press. Chen is too young, and Sun Yue isn't good enough either. It's going to take time, but proper training of young guards will help speed up the process immensely.

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